Black Panther

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The presence of metal deposits in Africa on the territory of Wakanda with enormous potential aroused particular interest from ill-wishers. He is able to endow people with superpowers and absorb vibration. All those who mercilessly tried to get to the mysterious metal did not see a single obstacle on their way. On the way to their cherished dream, they destroyed everything that would get in their way, they brutally killed the local aborigines and ruined them. But everything would be bad if not for Black Panther, who seeks to restore order and protect the weak.

Black Panther is a fantastic Multiplex21 action movie inspired by the comics Wall Lee and Jack Kirby. Famous directors Joe Robert Coe and Ryan Kugler worked on the creation of the plot. Together they created a unique masterpiece, truly a work of art, and raised a budget of US $ 200 million. The world saw the film for the first time in 2018. The created picture is a sequel to the film Captain America: Civil War.

An interesting feature of the main character of Black Panther is that he was originally a supporting character in the 52nd issue of the comic book Fantastic Four, but, surpassing all expectations, the hero is of great interest and will soon get a comic book series.